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"Have fought over 75 fires
with SiteMaster. Highly recommend. We use SiteMaster for something about every day. Best feature? Versatility."

- Fire Warden Josh Nigro

"The Sitemaster is a far superior tool for a variety of tasks and efficiency compared with other traditional tools"

- Chief Duane Nichols, Northhampton, MA

"Since we put the site master tool on our brush trucks it has quickly become one of our most effective tools for getting to deep seated
fire in the ground. The tool is also especially handy during overhaul
and fire investigations as well"

- Chief Jim Vuona, Shrewsbury, MA

"We have used SiteMaster hard for over 2 years – for so many things. Brush fires, overhaul, ice breach, forcible entry..."

- Fire Chief Janiga, NY


"A foremost, quick response, rescue hand tool"

- Deputy Fire Chief, MA

"The SiteMaster can do so many things so well that it would be worth having, even if it was just for one of those things"
- Deputy Fire Chief, MA

"I had been researching tools primarily for making mountain bike trails, and saw too many design flaws in the popular wildfire products and recycled as disc hoes (grab bag metallurgy, right?) So, after watching the YouTube videos for this tool, gave it a shot. The Maine-made handle is beautiful and comfortable. The welds took a beating, but again, if you know the metal you are using, the weld can be done properly. I will most likely get a second of these for trail building. American ingenuity from New England at its best. Great job with this tool."

- Chris and Liz G.

"I’m an archaeologist, and I'm always looking for new tools to try out in the field. I brought the Sitemaster out to a data recovery project in the Front Range, and I was surprised by how well suited it was for excavation. It's great for chopping through really tough sediment while still allowing for controlled and precise digging. The axe head on the back is perfect for chopping through thicker roots as well. A great tool to have handy on a project."

- J.B.

"I bought the Sitemaster for my husband for Father's Day and he just loves it! This multi-function tool was a huge help when he was clearing sod and making mulch beds in the garden this summer. It made cutting and clearing fast and easy, and it was easy to move soil as well. We know it will come in handy to help clear ice dams during our tough New England winters too. Can't say enough good things about this sturdy, multi-use tool!"

- R.B.S.

“No need to buy a Lamborghini. Buy this! ... seriously, this is a very
useful and tough tool that makes easier work of a lot of digging
chores and demolition.”

- B.K.

“I appreciate how versatile this tool is. It helps with a wide range of jobs.
It is really well constructed. Highly recommend

- C.A. Roberts

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