Tony Cacela

FOUNDER, Camelot Tools

Tony Cacela is an engineer, a forester, an outdoorsman, a craftsman, a Navy veteran, and a well-regarded New England contractor specializing in hardscaping. After several years of hands-on field experience in construction in a wide range of settings, he always knew that he and others expended a great deal of wasted energy and time using the then commonly available tools.


There were basically two choices: light and weak tools, which were not up to many tasks, or heavy, awkward ones which were backbreakers to use.


Manual excavation is often needed in restricted spaces where machinery and hydraulic equipment is not a practical option. Another classification of manual excavation tools will serve to address these needs best.


Drawing from his upbringing in farming, and his science-based and technical background, Tony resolved to design, engineer, and build a set of lighter-weight, balanced, and practically indestructible hand tools.


He founded Camelot Tools® and created the SITEMASTER® series of the very best metallurgical compositions and treatments of steel—for light, strong, versatile, year-round performance.

Tony is a former Navy SEAL.
A portion of the proceeds from each tool sold is donated to the Navy SEAL Foundation to support our warriors and their families.