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Our Vision is our Mission:

To use deliberate design and modern technology to make a difference in the lives of hardworking folks getting out there day in and day out—from our wildland firefighters, to our trail builders, conservation workers, landscapers and more. Providing tools that work along with them to get their work done better and safer.


As Camelot Tools is Founded by former Navy SEAL Tony Cacela, this company began its partnership with the Navy SEAL Foundation in 2017. Proceeds from every sale continue to be dedicated to supporting our warriors and their families. Products are/will always be 100% USA made.


Tony Cacela

President + Founder


Lauren Cacela

Chief Executive Officer


Dr. Scott Robison

Brand Ambassador

image_6487327 2.JPG

Nick Donohue

Brand Ambassador


Ron Steers

Brand Ambassador


Christopher J. Previte

Business Advisor


James Casey

Marketing/Creative Advisor

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