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Camelot Tools uses deliberate design and modern technology to make a difference in the lives of hardworking folks getting out there day in and day out—from our wildland firefighters, to our trail builders, conservation workers, landscapers and more. Providing tools that work along with them to get their work done better and safer.

Our flagship product.

SmallNW Trail Sisters Dig Series - Trail Fundamentals - Rocky Point - Jan. 8, 2023-2.jpg

 Heat treated carbon steel  Folds for storage/transport  Multiple angles of use
5 teeth angled inward 
60” handle

Tony discusses the benefits of an ash wood handle.

Tony Cacela demonstrates the strength of SiteMaster.

SiteMaster reviews by some of the pros who use it.


Public Safety Equipment;


Forestry Equipment & Supplies


Arborist & Forestry Field Supplies

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FED Vendor: CAGECODE # 7M5P3


Precision manufactured

in the USA.

Created by a former Navy SEAL. Camelot Tools is a proud supporter of the Navy SEAL Foundation.

Learn more about Tony >>


Precision manufactured in the USA.

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